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As one of the largest Non Banking Financial Companies, Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Company Limited (Chola) believes that it has a responsibility to fulfill towards the people and the environment in shaping a better future for the nation and enabling a Better Life.
Our CSR programs are carried out as a blended activity along with business. We try to cover not only operating geographies but also extend our activities to the neglected and needy segments of society. Our CSR initiatives are currently concentrated in 12 states – Tamil Nadu, Delhi-NCR, Maharashtra, Assam, Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, Telangana, Rajasthan, West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh.

Our Key Focus Areas:

  • Health
  • Water & Sanitation
  • Education
  • Arts & Culture
  • Sports
  • Rural Development
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Research and Development
  • Road Safety

About #JaldiKyaHai

#JaldiKyaHai is a road safety initiative against over-speeding, by Chola Finance. In the fast-paced world that we live in, over speeding has become a casual, everyday occurrence. This initiative focuses on the different situations where one speeds beyond the limits and the downsides to the same, in a fun and interesting way. Through this campaign, we hope to bring about a change in the behaviour of road users and make the road a safer place.

“Swaccha Karimnagar” – in partnership with Bala Vikasa Social Service Society

People of Karimnagar district in Telangana State suffer adverse health conditions due to arsenic and high fluoride contaminated water sources. To help mitigate the issues, we undertook initiatives for the welfare of the residents of three villages in Karimnagar district by planning to provide the community with water purified by the Reverse Osmosis (RO) method and individual toilets.
The need assessment meetings with the people helped to understand that providing communal water and individual toilets could help in improving living conditions, resulting in the “Swaccha Karimnagar Project”
With an outlay of Rs.97.33 lakh, the aim was to make a beginning by providing safe drinking water through village water kiosks, community and individual household toilets, with people’s participation for ownership with dignity, making the district ‘Swaccha’ (pure) supporting the ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan’.
Bala Vikasa Social Service Society, a much respected local NGO with reach, was invited in as a partner.
Safe water, using Reverse Osmosis system, is being provided with Any Time Water dispensing facility, powered by a sensor and smart card system, helping the villagers collect water for a very nominal fee of Rs.3-00 for 20 litres, at any time, without disrupting their work or daily wage earning.
A primary school, in NTR Colony of Koheda, needed water and sanitation for its children and teachers. Hence, a complex of two closed toilets and 3 urinals each for Male & Female students has been provided along with a bore-well for water.
Households in three villages, viz., Bejjanki, Guggilla and Vinjapalli have been provided with a total of 243 optimally spaced and tiled individual toilets, with a bath, to induce the villagers in using the toilets, and to mark a beginning to make the villages ‘Sampoorna Swaccha Gramam’s (Totally sanitised villages).
The villagers contributed with about 10% of costs, and/or labour for foundation and brick work etc., thereby taking responsibility for the facilities provided to them. The villagers also took a pledge, in their respective Gram Sabhas, that after the completion of the toilets nobody in these villages will indulge in public defecation.

The Impact

Quantitatively, ‘Swaccha Karimnagar Project’ wills, to impact the lives of an estimated 12,500 persons every day.
Qualitatively, we believe the impact is in changing the attitude all the villagers towards ‘using’ toilets and shunning open defecation.
We understand that Bharat cannot be ‘Swachh’ merely by constructing toilets. Bharat could be ‘Swachh’ only if the minds and bodies of the people could be ‘Swachh’. Promises to construct toilets are a drop in the ocean when the need is even more.
Cholamandalam helps people ‘Enter Better Life’. Our “Swachha Karimnagar Project’ is a step towards making this promise a reality.

“Swacch Raipur” – in partnership with Sulabh International and Bala Vikasa Social Service Society

Chhattisgarh is an industrial city and has several Transport Nagars in its proximity.
We want to support the health requirements of the truck drivers and other related workers of the sector and thus have planned to provide Pure drinking Water and Sanitation facilities in the Transport Nagars.
A need assessment is done and it was identified that the Transport Nagar in Hathkhoj-Bhilai with an estimated 10,000 foot falls a day requires a toilet complex, as the old complex was in a dilapidated condition and that they also need purified drinking water.
Similarly a Toilet complex at Pandri Bus Station is needed in Raipur.
Accordingly with an outlay of Rs. 73.4 Lakh we have partnered with Sulabh International for constructing two 30 seater Semi-Deluxe Toilet complexes in both places. The complexes will have toilets and bath rooms separately for men and women users as also urinals for men and clothes washing facilities.
The Toilet Complex in Hathkhoj-Bhilai is completed and inaugurated on the 21st April, 2016 while the water purification plant in Hathkhoj-Bhilai and the Toilet complex in Pandri are in the construction stage.

The Impact

Quantitatively, ‘Swacch Raipur Project’ wills, to impact the health of an estimated 10,000 persons every day.
Qualitatively, we believe the impact is in changing the attitude all the truck users towards ‘using’ toilets and shunning open urination and defecation.

“Renovation and Expansion of Sir Ivan Stedeford Hospital (SISH), Chennai” - In partnership with A.M.M Foundation

For long, Sir Ivan Stedeford Hospital (SISH) has been filling the need by rendering health care for the poor and marginalised people in Ambattur area of Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
However, with increasing diseases and ever increasing patients, the hospital regularly needs to be upgraded and expanded.
By partnering with A. M. M. Foundation, a registered charitable trust committed towards providing invaluable education and health care to the less privileged through its hospitals, schools and a polytechnic college, Cholamandalam undertook to support the renovation and expansion of the hospital in three phases with a budget estimate of Rs 355 lakh
  • Phase I: Renovation of the Current Obstetrics and Gynaecology building (Main Block or Block
  • Phase II: Construction of Block 3: (New OP Block)
  • Phase III: Renovation of the existing OP block and adding one extra floor. (Block 2)

The Impact

Together the expansion and renovation of SISH would result in;
  • The increase of the total bed capacity to 250
  • The increase of the bed capacity of the Neonate ICU
  • The hospital having a full-fledged Diabetic Management Centre, a new Blood bank
  • Separate Operation Theatres for General Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology departments
  • Catering to 4000 out patients a day in the next five years.

“TI Matriculation Higher Secondary School” (TI School) – In partnership with AMM Foundation

At a time where schools are looking at students as just mark producing machines, TI School is refreshing change where it focuses on providing value based quality education for children from around Ambattur. The school believes that shaping the character of the student is of utmost importance and academic excellence will follow.
With its unique system of parent feedbacks, and self-assessment methodologies, the school is fast moving towards excellence.
TI has received many awards and accolades, the most recent being the International School Award by the British Council. At TI School, the child is more important and every child who steps in to TI School is cherished, valued and groomed to a confident and responsible adult.
The school needs to renovate the administrative block, repair and maintain other buildings, replenish teaching aids, Stocking up the Library and sports equipment.
We are supporting the school development activities with a budget of Rs.95 Lakh!

The Impact

Children are happy and experience the process of tension free joyful learning.

“Isha Vidhya Project” – In partnership with Isha Education

In addition to providing with education and support facilities in Chennai, Cholamandalam also wants to judiciously support such efforts in rural areas providing educational facilities for the underserved, deprived and the marginalised.
Towards this, we support the “Isha Vidhya Matriculation School” in Perumapalayam, Erode district and “Isha Vidhya Ramaniyam Matriculation School”, in Nangavally, Salem district both in Tamil Nadu.
Isha Vidhya Project aims to provide high quality English-medium schools for rural children. The holistic activity-based approach of Isha Vidhya’s educational system nurtures children’s development beyond academics.
The important needs of the school, included buses to fetch children from remote villages to the respective schools, Laboratories and equipment and sports material and equipment, are supported by us with a budget of Rs. 33 lakh

The Impact

  • The labs will help the students to gain practical learning and also help us fulfill the mandatory requirement from Govt. authorities to get permission to start 11th and 12th Standards in these schools.
  • Isha Vidhya schools provide safe and affordable transport to many poor children in remote rural areas, helping them connect with education. School’ buses than hired vehicles or public transport induces even the most reluctant parents to send their children to the ‘Isha Schools’ with confidence.
Given the importance of sports in developing the talents, personality, health and capabilities of students, good sports facilities at all the Isha schools would encourage revival and protect many rural sports that are now slowly vanishing.

“Eureka Schools” – in partnership with AID India

Continuing its work in education, , with a budget of Rs.3 Lakh, we sponsor education of 30 children in rural schools called “Eureka Schools” located in Parameswaramangalam village, Kancheepuram district and Venketarayanpettai village, Tiruvannamalai district.
The Eureka Schools in both these places provide high quality education for poor children from these and nearby villagers most of whose parents are daily wage earners. In most cases these children are first generation learners. Parents, although illiterate themselves, aspire for the best education for their children, hoping that the next generation would at least break out of the cycle of poverty.
These two Eureka Schools, with 350 children enrolled from LKG to V Standard, have been delivering their promise of quality education and changing the lives of rural children through individual-centric learning, engaging teaching methods and a collaborative and inspiring schooling environment.

The Impact

The support by us will cover the annual educating cost of 30 poor students.

“Education Scholarships” – In partnership with Christel House India

Extending its support from educating children in cities and villages to slums, We, in partnership with Christel House India, reaches out with Comprehensive Scholarships for education along with nutrition and healthcare with a budget of Rs. 2 Lakh.

The Impact

The support by us will cover scholarships for 3 impoverished students, from among the 16 slums the institution supports, towards quality educational opportunities and empowerment.

“Skill Development” to enhance employability and self-employment - In partnership with National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC)

One of the important components of ‘Make in India’ is varied skills, but most importantly vocational skills, which can help a person get a new / better job or be an inducement to start an enterprise to enter a better life.
We wished to help the unemployed and underemployed youth by supporting them with imbibing vocational skills. With the outlay of Rs.50 Lakh.
We aimed to provide skill training to youth across 3 States of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra (Vidarbha region) and Tamil Nadu, through the NSDC partner network and work towards instilling economic security and stability through holistic development, facilitating enhanced access to technical knowledge and job opportunities in Industries and through self-employment.

The Impact

410 eligible youth in the spheres of automobile and Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) streams, in the state of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Tamilnadu were trained.
So far 76 participants have been placed in various jobs while others are about to be placed or finding entrepreneurial opportunities.

“Learning through Arts Program” – In partnership with Madras Craft Foundation

We would like to support Arts, Culture and Heritage to help the new generation citizens to understand our country’s great culture, its arts and historical heritage.
For this purpose, We partnered with the NGO Madras Craft Foundation, whose flagship effort ‘Dakshina Chitra’ – an inclusive museum - aims to use the arts, theatre, craft, music and rhythm and drawing as techniques for self-expression, the development of self-confidence and also to create awareness of oneself and the world around them.

The Impact

The program, with a budget support of Rs. 25 lakh will stimulate creativity, problem solving abilities and social consciousness among the 200,000 visitors, most of whom are teachers and school children visiting from not only cities but from villages and remote rural areas.

“Education through Arts Program” – In partnership with The Little Theatre

We would like to tread the innovative paths and as a part of such a move, we have partnered with The Little Theatre, which conducts workshops in dance and drama in the slum areas and select talented children / youth from them to extent holistic education to them by supporting them comprehensively through educational scholarships.

The Impact

The program, with a budget support of Rs. 2 lakhs will stimulate creativity and provide education for 200 underprivileged children from slums of Chennai.

‘Support to Incubators’ of Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IIT-M)

In a bid to support the development of Technology through an incubator model, We have entered into a partnership with Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IIT-M) to support the endeavours of the IITM Incubation Cell and the Rural Technology and Business Incubator, with a budget of Rs. 100 lakhs

The Impact

The creation of a vibrant and expansive innovation and entrepreneurial eco-system

“Research and development of nutritional foods / supplements for rural communities” – In partnership with Shri AMM Murugappa Chettiar Research Centre (MCRC) In Tamilnadu.

MCRC is a registered society conducting research and development in science and technology for rural development mainly in the areas of Food, Energy and Environment for improved livelihoods (FEEL) Providing Farmers nutrients and water quality analysis through the year.
‘Research in the area of sustainable Agricultural Practices’
CSR Budget was allocated to support the ongoing research in Sustainable Agricultural Practices for Smallholding farmers in the Coimbatore, Cuddalore, Dindugal, Kancheepuram, Karur, Perambalur, Pudukkottai, Sivaganga and Villupuram districts of Tamil Nadu.
‘Nutritional Food and supplements for Rural Community’
Research in conducted in eradicating Malnutrition, to help Children, Women and the Elderly facing the risk of nutritional deficiencies; Conservation of Natural Resources and Enhancement of Livelihoods by encouraging nutritious food production as part of Rural Development, in Sustainable Agricultural Practices for Smallholding farmers in the Coimbatore, Cuddalore, Dindugal, Kancheepuram, Karur, Perambalur, Pudukkottai, Sivaganga and Villupuram districts of Tamil Nadu and in Puducherry of Puducherry.
The Deliverables and outcomes
  • Development of protocol for acceleration of the Panchagavya preparation process
  • Proposal for an Indo-Vietnam Collaborative Project
  • Use of naturally available materials as preservatives for fruit preservation
  • Undertaking relevant feasibility and preliminary studies
  • Evaluating the possibilities of using the soil analysis techniques for analysing fertilises and taking the analysis procedures to field (implementation)
  • Preparing a programme for evaluating bio-char as soil amendment
  • 3 Training programmes through outreach
  • 5 Presentations in conferences / seminars / symposia / workshops
  • 5 Publications in reputed journals
  • 10 Monographs and reports
  • 2 PhDs

Chief Ministers Public Relief Fund

The months of November-December 2015 were historic as Tamil Nadu state suffered unexpected amount of floods due to incessant rains causing havoc and exorbitantly huge losses! This necessitated the state administration seeking support from all sources and especially the industry.
We contributed Rs 2 crore to Chief Minister’s Public Relief Fund towards flood relief activity in Tamil Nadu.
Support to Public
  • Rs 3 lacs, was given by Chola to “Nutrion on wheels” for medicines to be distributed in urban slums (Chennai floods)
  • Chola Help desk – A task force that reached all employees in Chennai to check their safety & need during the TN flood. This task force all volunteered for various relief work from rescuing colleagues to extending shelter and providing supplies
Support to Employees
We Believe & We Heal – Flood Relief: A program to support the flood impacted employees. 480 employees reported damage following the flood in TN. Following facilities were extended to employees:
Grant amount of Rs. 20,000 for medium impacted & Rs. 40,000 for high impacted released
Two wheeler repair charges reimbursement up to a limit of Rs. 5000
Car repair – tie up with workshop and reimbursement up to a limit of Rs. 50,000
Interest free loan with a repayment option of 24 / 36 months
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