Natarajan, Chennai
Chola gave me the maximum funding at a low interest in just 2 days.
I used to drive old vehicles...
I used to drive old vehicles. However, I always had a dream of owning a new one. Thus, i sold the old one off at a good price to buy a new truck. But, even after selling my old vehicle, i was short on funds. It was then, that i thought of getting the required finance from outside sources. I went to various financial institutions but, they were willing to provide me with only Rs. 6- 7 lakhs. This, however,did not meet my requirements as, the truck which I wanted was priced at Rs. 10.5 lakh.

Then I met Chola, the only company which financed me with Rs. 9 lakh. ‘Chola gave me the maximum funding at a low interest in just 2 days.

I believe that I can have all the talent in the world but without funds that talent is a waste. Chola spotted that talent in me and financed me. It is because of Chola’s financing that today i am a successful entrepreneur. Not only that, i now own 5 - 6 trucks because of Chola.

All in all, i can say that Chola helped me in buying my first truck. Because of which, i run my family, pay my rent, my children’s school fees and pay other expenses. Had Chola not financed me, i have no idea how would have i survived.
Mohamed Afros, Kolkata
Chola is like a family member to me.
I have a transport business in Kolkata. My business is all about loading...
I have a transport business in Kolkata. My business is all about loading the fruits on the trucks and transporting them across West Bengal.

I first met Chola in 2008 for refinancing a vehicle. Overtime, my relationship with Chola has strengthened . Chola is like a family member to me. It has cooperated with me completely. Today, I am a proud owner of 15 vehicles and all these vehicles have been financed by Chola. I don’t have words by which i can praise Chola. All i can say is Chola is No. 1 not only in Bengal but all over India.

The strength of my relationship with Chola is such that whenever i call to refer anyone for vehicle financing, a Chola employee reaches my business spot within 15 minutes of that said phone call. Whatever papers are required for financing, all finance related work and good cooperation - all is done by Chola staff.

Chola plays a major role in raising a person from the ground level to the sky level. A driver who used to earn Rs. 4000-5000 is today, a customer of Chola and pays EMI of Rs. 15000/18000 to chola. He manages not only to raise his family comfortably but also earn an income of Rs. 50,000. For him Chola is the best.

In the end, i would say for a better life one needs Money and Chola provides that money and thus helps crores of people in earning their livelihood. Hence, Chola is the silent force behind India’s movement towards success.
T. Kumaresan, Chennai
From an auto driver to a fleet owner
He began his career as an auto driver...
He began his career as an auto driver
His day starts at 4.15 am and ends at 11.30 pm
He had a burning desire to drive his own vehicle
A chance accident of Chola AD in the newspaper changed his life
Today he’s a fleet owner of 8 vehicles, all purchased through Chola.
His son’s a student of Loyola College
His daughter works at Wipro
His loving wife is the driving force
In 1989 I began my career as an auto driver. I love driving and being on the road and I chose this profession because this is what I wanted to do. In 2007, the school where I used to drop the children, asked me if I was interested in taking up the van service for their schools. At that time I did not have sufficient vans to take the contract when the madam of that school suggested that I should consider hiring extra vehicles. I was in a confused state not knowing what to do when i came across CHOLA AD in the newspaper that said “Pay 30,000 and take home a Vehicle.”
Immediately I contacted Chola professionals who offered me complete support. I got the loan and bought my first vehicle and later on through subsequent loans and refinancing today I own 8 vehicles.
My day starts at 4.15 am and ends at 11.30 pm. Each day I get only about 4 hours of sleep. At 4.30 am, I wake up my drivers because first pick up starts at 5.30 am. The last pick up is at 11.30 in the night. I wait for any calls from my drivers and only then do I have my dinner in peace and then go to sleep. What motivated me to be an owner is the way I was treated as a driver. I never want to repeat those mistakes on my drivers. I make sure that I treat them with respect and they also feel free to express their concerns and needs with me. It is a Win-Win situation. If they are happy, I am also and therefore my business also prospers.
I built this business from scratch, I learnt a lot the hard way and I am not sure whether today’s youngsters have that kind of forbearance, they are more technology driven and do not have the patience to learn. But if my kids want to get into the same business, I wouldn’t mind. I’d be actually happy because I know that the business will continue for more years.
My advice to the younger generation aspiring to get into the transportation business is that to begin with they should enjoy what they do. If they borrow money from someone, they should borrow with the intention of paying the money back. It is of utmost importance to pay your dues on time. It is better to have 1 vehicle and pay due correctly than have many vehicles and don’t pay dues properly.
Venkatesan, Trichy
Owns over 10 vehicles financed through Chola
My career began selling lorry spare parts...
My career began selling lorry spare parts. I travelled to lots of places in the south, Namakal, Salem, Erode, Krishnagiri, etc. The experience I gained selling spare parts and the exposure to the Motor Industry got me interested. I bought my first vehicle – Benz in 1985 and in 1990 I bought two more vehicles from Ashok Leyland.
Ours is a close knit family. I bought my Vehicles through Chola finance and I recommended my brothers and friends to Chola. We are in the Motor business together, helping one another grow and succeed in life. We support each other and we watch out for each other.
The vehicles I purchased were for self use purposes. We had a family Bamboo business and the vehicles were used for transportation of Bamboo. I soon realized that to make more money I needed to get a government contract which I did get. I started using my vehicles to transport Gas Cylinders and am currently doing that along with my brothers and friends.
My wife is my lucky charm; in fact she is a Chola Customer more than me. We now have our own house, my daughter is married and my son lives with us. I now possess 10 vehicles and also have acquired the National Permit. Someday from now I also hope to have my own Gas Agency.
Nishad .P.A, Cochin
Chola helped him grow his travel business.
Nishad.P.A is a Chola customer. He started his career as a driver in Cochin...
Nishad .P.A is a Chola customer. He started his career as a driver in Cochin. From 2000-2002, he took his first steps and started his own travel and tours company. The first few years were challenging and difficult with less experience in the field and also limited vehicles.
Nishad’s business took a new turn when he tied up with big tour operators and also through Chola’s support he was able to purchase more vehicles. His family was very supportive as their income depended solely on Nishad’s business.
In the early days of business, his relatives and the society de-motivated him and suggested that he change his business, but his determination and hard work helped him improve and grow his travel business.
Nishad lives with his wife, daughter and parents in his own home which he proudly declares that he has purchased without taking any loans.
Nishad is a good customer and continues to refer many others to Chola. We wish him great success and satisfaction in his travels and tours business.

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